'insān إنسان - Arabic Humanities Network

‘insān is the young Arabic humanities network at Tel Aviv University, aiming to encourage public intellectual discourse in the Arabic language.

We are connecting students, scholars and the broader public via digital technology. We give voice to diverse ideas, emphasize the social and cultural relevance of the humanities and render the humanities into an engaging and transformative experience.

Since January 2018 I am the creative lead of the ‘insān initiative, which is located in the faculty of literature at Tel Aviv University.

From a Palestinian Perspective – من خلال عدسات فلسطينية

In our original video series From a Palestinian Perspective, we give voice to Arabic scholars in the humanities at Tel Aviv University. In our video portraits, we focus on their individual path into the humanities and ask about the impact of humanities knowledge for their personal development as well as its relevance for the broader public.

With our series we want to investigate, if the particular Palestinian viewpoint (between modernity and tradition, between the Hebrew and Arabic language, between autonomy and occupation) can be rendered into a productive scholarly approach, which enables novel ideas in established academic fields.


In the trailer for the series, we introduce Dr. Ahmad Ighbariyah, Lecturer for Islamic Philosophy and Science at Tel Aviv University

Episode 1 – “Al-Sabalut”

In the first episode, Ahmad Ighbariyah shares a story from his time as a student from Umm al-Fahm at Tel Aviv University.

Episode 2 – “Al-Shaykh Muwannis”

In the second installment of the series, Ahmad Ighbariyah teaches us how to read the carob and olive trees on the campus of Tel Aviv University.