Karl Kraus – Truth and Atrocities in the Age of Journalism


Conference design for the International Karl Kraus Symposium Truth and Atrocities in the Age of Journalism, organized by Tel Aviv University, the Austrian Academy of Sciences and The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.

“Karl Kraus was a great modern critic of modernity and journalism, a writer and the greatest satirist in the German language. His work is an outstanding endeavor to suspend the dangerous “politicized language” of the press through theatrical and performative uses of language. His legacy becomes increasingly relevant with the contemporary discourse on modernism and language, with two additional unique aspects: the focus on the press and media; and the place of humor in the context of critique. The first Karl Kraus conference in Israel brought together Kraus researchers from around the world, together with media and theater scholars. The conference focused on Kraus’s theatricality, his critique and satire, his views on WWI and in regard to Modernism, Zionism and Jewish identity.”

Conference program on the website of The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Photographic impressions of the conference:



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