Augmented Reality Guided Biopsy

AR Prototype for Microsoft HoloLens 2
developed at MIT Reality Hack 2020 in Boston

January 2020


MIT Reality Hack is a 5-day hackathon held at MIT Media Lab in Boston. It comprises of creators from all over the world to come together and attend workshops, discussions and collaborative hacking.

Our Project

We found each other as a team of clinicians, developers and designers inspired by the application of cutting-edge visual technology for healthcare use cases.
We envisioned an augmented reality guidance system for neurosurgery that improves patient safety as well as the physicians’s workflow.


Our team had the chance to work with the Microsoft HoloLens 2 augmented reality display, using the Unity3d engine to build the experience. The surgery overlay was derived from patient’s MRI data. Our application required precise mapping of digital objects and physical instruments for which we made use of HoloLens’ hand tracking functionality.