Digital Humanities Network Visualization Tool (2015-2017)


Network visualization and analysis are becoming more important research methods in the historical sciences in the context of Digital Humanities. I am developing a custom tool for graph drawing that facilitates interactive network research in a biographical database.

Unlike most visualization software that strictly separates data work from graph drawing, my tool creates an intuitive environment for real-time network research. Researchers can browse through and filter the data set by means of a minimalist interface without having to wrangle any raw data in the underlying database tables. My aim is to enable an immersive research workflow without disruption by data acrobatics.

The Software:

The 90000+ entry data set of the prototype is structured live: The software creates edges and nodes dynamically, using a custom force-directed algorithm for graph drawing. A dynamic “edge bundling” feature further reduces visual clutter.

The program is written in the C# programming language using the Unity3D development platform.


Network Visualization
Network Visualization Tool
Network Visualization

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