Network Research Tool

Digital Humanities tool for social network analysis and network visualization

VR Network Viz

Network visualization in a virtual reality environment. Entry for the “Reality Sucks” hackathon


Mobile App for playing historic Pianola rolls. Entry for the “Coding da Vinci” software competition

Humboldt "Kosmos" Viz

Work in progress visualization of Humboldt’s Kosmos lectures for Coding Da Vinci 2017

Mapping Church Interiors

Visualization of Dutch painting for the “Coding Dürer” Hackathon for Digital Art History

Magical Renaissance

Work-in-progress mobile game app inspired by Italian Trecento art

Klage, Theatralität und Gerechtigkeit

Program booklet for a workshop organized by ZfL Berlin and BBAW

Berlin BRAIN 2017

Design for the international neuroscience symposium organized by ISCBFM


Research Network for Medical Translation, Ethics and Medicine at McGill University, Canada

Textures of War

Design for the int. workshop organized by Tel Aviv Univ. and Goethe-Univ. Frankfurt a. M.